Welcome to the next big meme

Become a part of a fun and social community on a mission to space. together, we will raid, invade and grow together into an unstoppable force in the galaxy
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In a galaxy far, far away, in the world of star warriors, a new hero, galaxy meme, was born. the boundless power of humor and creativity has taken the form of this digital adventure. one day, at the most unexpected moment, galaxy meme rose up to transform the world of finance and the entire cosmos with a kind force. with the unsurpassed protection of blockchain algorithms, he steps forward, delighting and inspiring every person living in this galaxy. welcome to the future where humor and finance combine in harmony thanks to galaxy meme, a star wars-based token that can change your life!

/ Limit-shattering web3 community /

A community to become the biggest space meme in the world

total supply
20% cex
15% team
35% marketing
8% development
12% rewards
10% advisory
David W
Social Media Manager
Emily J
Chief Marketing Officer
John S
Michael B
SEO Specialist
Brian C
Analytics Guru
Sarah D
Content Strategist
Jessica M
PPC Expert
Tired of the boring memes, we came to change the game to set a new trend
we build our own universe
Moving from star to star, galaxy to galaxy

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